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Range Index

The entries are ordered by the number of semitones the melody encompasses and then by the number of distinct notes used within that range. Those notes are also listed in sol-fa and, where applicable, the scale mode is indicated.
05.04  DRMF (C)         The Noble/Grand Old Duke Of York [1c]
05.04  MFSL (C)         A-Tisket A-Tasket
05.05  MFfSL            A-Tisket A-Tasket

07.04  DRMS (P)         Mary Had A Little Lamb
07.05  DRMFS (C)        Alles Neu Macht Der Mai
07.05  DRMFS (C)        Bald Gras Ich Am Neckar/Acker
07.05  DRMFS (C)        Jingle Bells (chorus)

08.06  TDRMFS (C)       Where Are You Going To My Pretty Maid
08.06  TDRMFS (C)       Skip To My Lou

09.05  SLDRM (P)        Old MacDonald Had A Farm / EIEIO
09.06  DRMFSL (C)       Ah Vous Dirai-Je Maman / Twinkle Twinkle
09.06  DRMFSL (C)       Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
09.06  DRMFSL (C)       John Smith Fellow Fine
09.06  DRMFSL (C)       Richard Of Taunton Dene
09.06  DRMFSL (C)       I Saw Three Ships [2]
09.06  SLTDRM (C)       Au Clair De La Lune
09.06  SLTDRM (C)       Il Etait Une Bergere / The Shepherdess
09.06  SLTDRM (C)       Soldier Soldier Will You Marry Me [2]

10.05  LDRMS (P)        Jim Along Josie/Josey
10.06  STDRMF (C)       The Noble/Grand Old Duke Of York [1b]
10.07  DRmFSlt (Am)     Mignonne Allons Voir Si La Rose
10.07  MfSLTDR (F)      The Woods So Wild
10.07  TDRMFSL (C)      On Christmas Night (Sussex Carol) [1]
10.08  TDRMFfSL         While Shepherds Watched [1]
10.08  TDRMFfSL         Boney Was A Warrior

12.06  DRMFSD (C)       Row Row Row Your Boat
12.06  SLDRMS (P)       Skye Boat Song
12.06  SLDRMS (P)       Il Etait Une Bergere / The Shepherdess
12.06  SDRMFS (C)       London's Burning
12.06  SDRMFS (C)       Cockles And Mussels
12.06  SDRMFS (C)       Ich Bin Ein Musikante / The Gay Musician
12.06  SDRMFS (C)       Aiken Drum [2]
12.06  STDRMS (C)       Ten Little Indians
12.07  DRMFSLD (C)      Donkey Riding
12.07  DRMFSLD (C)      Drink To Me Only
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      Bobby Shafto(e)
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      Where Are You Going To My Pretty Maid
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      Captain Morgan's March / Rhyfelgyrch Capten Morgan
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      Sur Le Pont D'Avignon
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      Liebe Schwester Tanz Mit Mir
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      Ich Bin Ein Musikante / The Gay Musician (alt.)
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      Ten Little Indians
12.07  STDRMFS (C)      I Saw Three Ships [1]
12.07  StDRmFS (m)      The Angel Gabriel (Basque Carol) / Birjina Gaztettobat Zegoen
12.08  StTDRmFS         Awake Were They Only / Roedd Yn Y Wlad Honno
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     Three Blind Mice
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     The Mermaid
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     Barbara Allen
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     The Last Rose Of Summer / The Groves Of Blarney
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     Muss I Denn
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     Faithful Johnny
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     The Carman's Whistle
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     Widdicombe Fair
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     The First Nowell
12.08  DRMFSLTD (C)     Joy To The World
12.08  DRMFfSLD         O Mistress Mine
12.08  RMFSLTDR (C)     Grun Sind Alle Meine Kleider / Green And White
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Robin Adair
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     O No John
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Butterfly Flutter By
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Be Assured
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Tallis Canon
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Grun Sind Alle Meine Kleider / Green And White
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Gestern Abend Ging Ich Aus
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     My Aunt Jemima / Aunt Jemima's Plaster
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Good Morning To All / Happy Birthday To You
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Good King Wenceslas / Flower Carol
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     As With Gladness Men Of Old
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     See Amid The Winter's Snow
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Infant Holy Infant Lowly / W Zlobie Lezy
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Away In A Manger [2]
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     Ding-Dong Merrily On High
12.08  SLTDRMFS (C)     O Come All Ye Faithful
12.08  SLTDRmFS (Mm)    The Miller Of Dee
12.08  LTDRMFSL (C)     In Dulci Jubilo
12.08  LTDRMFSL (C)     Good Christians All Rejoice
12.08  LTDRMFSL (C)     In The Bleak Midwinter
12.08  tDRmFSlt (Am)    We Three Kings Of Orient Are
12.08  tDRmFSlt (Am)    O Come O Come Emmanuel
12.09  DRMFfSLTD        The Bluebell Of Scotland
12.09  DRMFSsLTD        The Last Rose Of Summer / The Groves Of Blarney
12.09  DRMFSsLTD        The Minstrel Boy / The Moreen
12.09  MfSsLTDRM        It Came Upon The Midnight Clear [2]
12.09  SLtTDRmFS        Elslein Liebstes Elselein / Ach Elslein Liebes Elslein Mein
12.09  SsLTDRMFS        On The Banks Of Allan Water

13.07  MSTDRMF (C)      The Noble/Grand Old Duke Of York [1a]
13.07  TDRMFSD (C)      Savez-Vous Planter Les Choux
13.09  MFSLTDRMF(C)     Je Suis Un Petit Garcon / The Little Boy And The Sheep
13.09  TDRMFSLTD (C)    Summer Is A-Coming In / Sumer Is Icumen In
13.09  TDRMFSLTD (C)    (D'Ye Ken) John Peel
13.09  TDRMFSLTD (C)    The Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington
13.09  TDRMFSLTD (C)    Land Of My Fathers / Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau
13.09  TDRMFSLTD (C)    Phillis Was A Faire Maide
13.09  TDRMFSLTD (C)    Deck The Hall
13.09  TDRMFSLTD (C)    Now The Holly / Sans Day Carol
13.09  TDRmFSltD        The Cheshire Man
13.09  TDRMFfSLD        Farewell Manchester
13.10  MFSsLTDRMF       The Rose Of Tralee

14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Frere Jacques
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Alouette
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Ein Mannlein Steht Im Walde / The Riddle
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Long Long Ago
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Richard Of Taunton Dene
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Fire Down Below
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Begone Dull Care
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      O Little Town Of Bethlehem [1]
14.07  SDRMFSL (C)      Angels From The Realms Of Glory
14.07  SLDRMSL (P)      Jennie Jenkins
14.08  SLDRMFSL (P+)    Comin' Thro' The Rye
14.08  SLDRMFSL (P+)    Loch Lomond
14.08  SLDRMFSL (C)     Aupres De Ma Blonde / My Father's Garden
14.08  STDRMFSL (C)     Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron
14.08  STDRMFSL (C)     The British Grenadiers
14.08  STDRMFSL (C)     Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
14.08  STDRMFSL (C)     Alouette
14.08  STDRMFSL (C)     Dona Nobis Pacem
14.08  SLDRMFSL (C)     The Holly And The Ivy
14.08  STDRMFSL (C)     Once In Royal David's City
14.09  DRMFSLTDR (C)    The Vicar Of Bray
14.09  DRMFSLTDR (C)    The Barley-Mow
14.09  DRMFSLTDR (C)    The Hawthorn Tree
14.09  DRMFSLTDR (C)    The King's Hunt
14.09  DRMFSLTDR (C)    The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls
14.09  DRMFSLTDR (C)    Horch Was Kommt Von Draußen Rein / Ho-La-Hi
14.09  DRmFSltDR (Am)   The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies
14.09  FSLTDRMFS (C)    We Wish You A Merry Christmas
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (P+)   Past Three O'Clock
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (C)    All Through The Night / Ar Hyd Y Nos
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (C)    Men Of Harlech (The March Of The) / Rhyfelgyrch Gwyr Harlech
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (C)    Aiken Drum [1]
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (C)    Away In A Manger [1]
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (C)    Hark The Herald Angels Sing
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (C)    It Came Upon A Midnight Clear [1]
14.09  SLTDRMFSL (C)    Jingle Bells / The One Horse Open Sleigh
14.09  STDRMFfSL        Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep / Hajej Nynjej
14.09  tDRmFSLtD (Dm)   What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
14.09  tDRmFSLtD (Dm)   Scarborough Fair
14.09  tDRmFSltD (Am)   The Cheshire Man
14.09  tDRmFSltD (Am)   God Rest You Merry Gentlemen [1]
14.10  DRMFSLtTDR       Punchinello / Polichinelle
14.10  SLTDRMFfSL       The Dear Little Shamrock
14.10  SLTDRMFfSL       Killarney
14.10  SLTDRMFfSL       Hob A Derry Danno / Hob Y Deri Danno
14.10  SLTDRrMFSL       O Little Town Of Bethlehem [3]

15.10  DmFSltTDRm       Waters Of Babylon
15.10  DmFSltTDRm       Down Among The Dead Men
15.10  MFSLTDRMFS (C)   The Lincolnshire Poacher
15.10  MFSLTDRMFS (C)   Golden Slumbers
15.10  MfSLTDRMFS       O Soldier Soldier Won't You Marry Me [1]
15.10  MSsLTDRMFS       On The Banks Of Allan Water
15.11  DmFSltTDrRm      Waters Of Babylon
15.11  SLtTDRmFSLt      Greensleeves
15.11  StTDRmFfSlt      The Oak And The Ash / A North Country Maid
15.12  DRmFSlLtTDRm     Charlie Is My Darling
15.12  DRmFSltTDrRm     Waters Of Babylon
15.12  SLtTDRmFSlLt     Greensleeves

16.09  DRMSLTDRM (C)    Annie Laurie / Maxwelton Braes
16.10  DRMFSLTDRM (C)   The Campbells Are Coming
16.10  DRMFSLTDRM (C)   Cader/Cadair Idris / (Sweet) Jenny Jones / One Bright Summer Morning
16.10  FSLTDRMFSL (C)   Now Sing We All Merrily
16.11  DRMFSLTDdRM      Stille Nacht
16.11  DRMFSsLTDRM      Come Lasses And Lads
16.11  FSLTDRMFfSL      The Ash Grove / Llwyn Onn
16.12  TDRmFSltTDRm     Masters In This Hall
16.13  SLTDdRrMFfSLT    O Little Town Of Bethlehem [2]

17.08  SLDRMSLD (P)     Auld Lang Syne
17.08  SLDRMSLD (P)     Will Ye No Come Back Again
17.08  SDRMFSLD (C)     Ein Mannlein Steht Im Walde / The Riddle
17.09  SDRMFSLTD (C)    Bonnie Dundee
17.09  SLTDRMFSD (C)    The Bells Of Aberdovey / Clychau Aberdyfi
17.10  SDRMFSsLTD       The Minstrel Boy / The Moreen
17.10  SLDRMFSLTD (C)   Will Ye No Come Back Again
17.10  SLDRMFSLTD (C)   Dear Harp Of Erin
17.10  SLTDRMFSLD (C)   A-Roving
17.10  STDRMFSLTD (C)   Early One Morning
17.10  STDRMFSLtD       Afton Water
17.11  DRMFSLTDRMF (C)  Silent Night
17.11  SLTDRMFSLTD (C)  The Gentle Maiden
17.11  SLTDRMFSLTD (C)  Ffanni Blodau'r Ffair / My Lady Is More Fair / Fanny The Flower Of The Fair
17.11  SLTDRMFSLTD (C)  Brighton Camp / The Girl I Left Behind Me
17.11  SLTDRMFSLTD (C)  Caller Herrin'
17.11  SLTDRMFfSLD      The Flight Of The Earls / My Native Land
17.11  SLTDRMFfSLD      The Lass With The Delicate Air
17.11  tDmFSltTDRm      Down Among The Dead Men
17.12  DRMFSLtTDRMF     Sally In Our Alley
17.12  MFSLTDRMFfSL     Blow The Wind Southerly
17.12  LTDRMFfSLTDR     Pretty/Sweet Polly Oliver
17.15  SLtTDdRMFfSLtTD  Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind

19.10  SDRMFSLTDR (C)   Good Morrow Gossip Joan
19.11  DMFSLTDRMFS (C)  Heart Of Oak
19.12  LTDRMFSLTDRM (C) (The) Londonderry Air / Danny Boy

20.12  STDRmFSltDRm     David Of The White Rock / Dafydd Y Garreg Wen

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