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Past Three O'Clock

Melody:"London Waits" anon./trad.
as recorder quartet for DDTT and SSDA/ATTB
Lyrics:George Ratcliffe Woodward (1848-1934)

Past three o'clock
On a cold and frosty morning.
Past three o'clock;
Good morrow, masters all!

Born is a baby,
Gentle as may be,
Son of th'eternal
Father supernal.
Past three o'clock ...

Seraph quire singeth,
Angel bell ringeth;
Hark how they rime it,
Time it and chime it.
Past three o'clock ...

Mid earth rejoices
Hearing such voices
Ne'er to fore so well
Carolling nowell.
Past three o'clock ...

Hinds o'er the pearly
Dewy lawn early
Seek the high stranger
Laid in the manger.
Past three o'clock ...

Cheese from the dairy
Bring they for Mary
And, not for money,
Butter and honey.
Past three o'clock ...

Light out of star-land
Leadeth from far land
Princes to meet him,
Worship and greet him.
Past three o'clock ...

Myrrh from full coffer,
Incense they offer;
Nor is the golden
Nugget withholden.
Past three o'clock ...

Thus they; I pray you
Up, sirs, nor stay you
Till ye confess him
Likewise and bless him.
Past three o'clock ...

Sol-Fa (3/4 in 8th notes, range S,-L):
| 2D 2L,2L,| 4S,1S,1S,| 1D 1R 2M 2M | 4S 2R |
| 2D 2L,2L,| 4S,2S,| 1D 1R 2M 2R | 6D |

| 2D 2R 2M | 4R 2D | 2R 2D 2R | 2M 4D |
| 1D 1T,1D 1R 1M 1F | 4R 2D | 2R 2D 2R | 2M 4L |
Tags: carol, english, rec4, xmas
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